A succulent survival story

No, no…not these succulents.

No happy survival story for them, despite what everyone says about succulents being so easy to grow. The first star shaped one bit the dust shortly after I planted it, so I bought a new and plunked it in there. It died, too. It seems the stripey leaf one wasn’t a succulent, so it started doing better once it got more water, but then Chaucer knocked it over. 🙁 The other one is still alive…for now.

So I’ve been waiting to finalize the accessorizing in our newly completed guest bathroom until I find just the right things. I’ve been wanting something green in that room, but there isn’t one speck of natural light so planting something real was definitely out of the question. Even if a real plant could survive I’d never remember to water it in there. A fake plant was the only option. But I hate so many of them! Until one day, I was in Target (which is a very dangerous place for me to be!) and I stumbled upon this little guy.


Isn’t he cute? For $9.99 I just couldn’t resist. I still love succulents, but obviously I can’t grow them to save my life…or theirs. I’ve come to terms with that, so I thought a fake one would be a good way to satiate my need for succulents, but spare a life. I took them home with me, and they are loving my bathroom!

I think they add the perfect amount of greenery without feeling outdated, “traditional”, or stuffy.

They’re still looking just as plump and happy as the day I bought them.

And I haven’t watered them once. Chaucer even tried to chew on one and it’s still doing just fine. Ah, the beauty of fake plants. Then my sister so graciously mentioned that you can still tell they’re fake. Oh well. I think they look fairly realistic, actually, but I know any fake plant will obviously be deemed fake after a little investigating. I also don’t think anyone would expect to see a real plant in a room with no window…would you? If so, too bad.

And the best part is these succulents will never die and they’re completely maintenance free (except maybe an occasional dusting because no one likes fake, dusty plants. Blech.) I think for now I’ll stick to fake in the succulent department. I do have a real cactus though…now those really are hard to kill!

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