Guest bedroom mini makeover

So we may have a been a few days late, but yesterday we put all the furniture back in our guest bedroom. We started redoing the bedroom on Friday night for our Labor Day Challenge, and revealed some of the progress yesterday. So now for the full reveal…Here’s the before. It was a two-tone paint scheme, and while we didn’t hate the colors, we hated that neither color was really an accent color.

We also despised the popcorn ceiling and the nasty yellowed trim (which unfortunately don’t really translate in pictures.) We’ve now completely scraped, mudded, and painted the ceilings, painted the walls and the closet (including the shelves and closet doors), and sanded, repainted, and reinstalled the trim. I caulked the trim earlier this week and now all we have to do is sand and paint the door and window sill and touch up the trim.

The paint color we chose is called Silver Threads by Olympic, and since we bought it over Labor Day we’ll get a $5 rebate. It’s a really soft, light grey and it really helps brighten the room.

We also hated the light fixture. Once we took it down we realized it was only a one-light fixture. It’s no wonder the room seemed so dark!

We bought this light a few weeks ago at a garage sale for $7. Can you say eek? We were also told it used to hang in some local celebrity’s house. But now I can’t remember who, and I don’t really think that’s a good thing since clearly they didn’t like it anyway.

I spray painted it a dark grey (can’t remember the name of the color but it was by Krylon and I could only find it at Hobby Lobby) and bought seeded glass shades from Lowe’s.

I think it’s looking mighty fine! It also casts cute little flecks of light around the room. And having 3 lights instead of 1 is such a huge improvement. It feels so much brighter and happier!

We also were able to sell the ceiling fan for $15 on Craigslist, making our little garage sale chandelier even more affordable.

We decided to paint the closet a different color. Closets for me are an excuse to use fun colors I might not normally use. Like our laundry closet, for example, which is bright turquoise. I wasn’t quite so bold here. I used a paint that I bought for redoing furniture called Sparkling Lake by Valspar. In some lights it looks very sea-foamy, and sometimes it just looks light blue. The color isn’t quite right in this picture, but it is a fairly subtle blue, while obviously being a different color.

The shelves were previously a bare wood, and one of them was held with metal brackets while the other had wooden supports. Andrew installed another wooden ledge thing for the other shelf and we painted the shelves white to match the trim.

We really didn’t want to spend much for this part of the transformation, since obviously the room is pretty lacking in decor and most of the money will need to be spent there. Here’s what we did spend:

  • $15.52 for light fixture: $7 for garage sale light fixture + $19.60 for 3 seeded glass shades + $3.92 for grey spray paint – $15 from sale of ceiling fan
  • $26.58 for paint: $31.58 for gallon and tester – $5 for rebate
  • $11.56 for white dowel rod for closet
  • $5 for miscellaneous items (wood for shelf supports, dowel rod holders, etc.)
  • $5 for primer and other paint (already had 5 gallon buckets of ceiling paint and primer and a gallon of trim paint
TOTAL: $63.66
Our goal for this segment of our makeover was to stay under $100, so I call this a major success. Our next project in that room is to create some custom shelving for gift wrap. Is it weird to have gift stuff in a guest closet? If our guests think it’s weird I guess they can stay somewhere else!!

On an unrelated note, I packed up a bunch of my tools today and headed to Little Rock to help my mom repaint her kitchen cabinets! I’ll be here for 10 days, so there won’t be many furniture or house project updates, but probably lots to come on the do’s and don’ts of cabinet painting! Wish me luck. I think I’m going to need it…she has tons of cabinets!!

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