A labor of love

Over labor day weekend, Andrew and I challenged ourselves to redo our guest bedroom.

By “redo” I don’t mean all new decor, but scraping and painting ceilings, painting walls, and repainting all the trim and doors. We also had a garage sale light fixture that needed spray painted that was included in our goals for the weekend. We didn’t quite get it all done by the end of the day Monday, but we got pretty dang close. In my last post about our challenge, I listed everything that needed to be done. Here’s an update on what we got done and what’s left.

  1. Remove everything from the room: furniture, ALL trim and closet doors, switch/outlet plates, and light fixture 
  2. Scrape popcorn ceiling
  3. Sand ceiling
  4. Mud holes/divots in ceiling
  5. Sand ceiling again
  6. Fill all holes in walls
  7. Sand walls, and wipe down every surface with damp cloth
  8. Prime ceiling, walls, and closet
  9. Paint 2 coats of ceiling paint
  10. Install new supports for shelf in closet
  11. Paint 1 coat of paint in closet
  12. Paint 2 coats of paint on walls
  13. Sand and paint window sill
  14. Sand and paint all trim, closet doors, and shelves in closet
  15. Sand and paint door to bedroom
  16. Reinstall trim and doors
  17. Touch up paint on trim to cover finish nails
  18. Install new light fixture (after it has been spray painted)
  19. Put everything back

I also forgot one very important and incredibly time-consuming step: caulking the trim. We caulk the edges of the trim along the paint, and we also use caulk to fill the nail holes from reinstalling the trim. I know some people don’t caulk the edges, but we feel like it just doesn’t look finished if we don’t. Since a lot of our walls aren’t square, one of the longer pieces of trim might be flat against one part of the wall and then sometimes up to an eighth of an inch away from the wall at other points. The caulk makes it look so much cleaner and hides the “not squareness” of the walls. Here’s an example of the trim around the door before and after caulking.

Such a big difference, right? (Sorry for the blurry picture, though!) Unfortunately, it takes a looooong time. I think it took me almost 5 hours to caulk all of the trim in that room. Granted, I am a perfectionist and the hole on the caulking tube was a little bigger than it needed to be since we cut it for a different project, but still…lots of time. We decided to wait on touching up the trim, painting the door, and painting the window sill because I’m going out of town tomorrow and my dad will be staying in the room Thursday night. We don’t want him to inhale too many fumes!! Once we get all the furniture back in, we’ll share the after pictures. For now, here’s the before again…

And a little sneak peek of the after.

I love looking into the guest bedroom as I walk past and seeing just one, fresh color on the walls. And look at that ceiling! So smooth!!

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  1. Valerie September 5, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    It’s looking great! Can’t wait to see the finished room!! You guys sure were busy this weekend!