Guest Bathroom: The Big Reveal

I almost can’t believe I’m writing this post! We’re actually done with the bathroom renovation!!!

Only 6 short months ago (I know, I know…too long!) we gutted our guest bathroom and started the long process of overhauling the entire thing. We thought it would take 2 months at the most, but we had more than one hiccup along the way. First, there was the whole granite issue. Long story short, we had 3 different countertops installed by 2 different companies before it was done right. Then we also had to wait a month for back-ordered wall jambs for our shower doors. If you take out the time spent on those things, it might have been about 2 months. On the bright side, if we had to do it again we’d know how to install the shower doors right the first time and which granite company to call first. At least we learned something!

Let’s take a look back at how gross the bathroom was 6 months ago.

This picture really doesn’t convey how bad it was. The paint was peeling and the previous bright yellow color showed through in a lot of places, the counter top was a thin sheet of laminate stuck over plywood (no joke!), the popcorn ceiling was uneven and yellowed, there was no drain cover in the sink, the light fixture had holes in the glass, the shower insert had cracks in the bottom (which is why we started the reno in the first place), and the tile was just gross. We’re pretty confident that everything except the paint, the towel rod, and toilet paper holder were original to the house, meaning it was all almost 30 years old! About time for an update, don’t ya think?

Here we’ve taken everything out of the bathroom and have already scraped the ceiling. Don’t you just love how “off-white” everything was? We didn’t either. (And those white spots where paint had peeled by the towel rod? Yeah, not a result of renovating. Those were just there.)

 After about 24 hours of demolition, we had it looking like this.

You know how people say “it has to get worse before it gets better”? I’m not really sure this was worse. Maybe it felt worse since it was no longer a functioning bathroom, but did it look worse? You be the judge.

And here’s the same room put back together again.

Here’s another before showing the awful orangey pink tile.

And another after.

We painted the bathroom Valspar’s Mint Frost, but since there’s no natural lighting in the bathroom, it’s hard to capture the actual color with a camera. It’s a lot less yellow in person.

Here’s the before of the shower area again.

This time, we went with a tile surround. No shower insert for our bathroom! We used white subway tile, a neutral glass mosaic tile for an accent row, and Kohler frameless glass shower doors.

Here’s the antique mirror that we bought at Goodwill for $25 last summer. It was black when we purchased it (and though it worked out perfectly in the end, I had no idea what I was buying it for at the time!), so I repainted it an antique white to coordinate with the vanity. I also want some kind of greenery in the bathroom, but with no natural light I can’t exactly have a real plant. We’ll see what happens there.

We just installed these shelves over the toilet a few days ago, so I haven’t settled on what’s going on them yet. I stole the accessories from other parts of the house to put on them for now (except the grey ombre vase), but eventually I want accessories with more color since almost everything in the bathroom is already white or a neutral.

The white is a welcome break, though, from what the bathroom used to be. The trim, ceiling, and all the permanent fixtures are crisp white, which is a stark contrast from the rest of the house where we have old, yellowed trim and popcorn ceilings. The finishing touches have really just come together in the last two weeks and I can’t help but turn on the light and admire the room every time I walk by!

Another thing this project has taught us is that nothing is ever really done. There are lots of little things we already know we want to work on in the future, accessories that still need to change, other color schemes we may want to try, etc. But I think that’s good. We want our house to be in a constant state of metamorphosis, always changing and improving bit by bit. For now, though, I could use a serious break from working on this bathroom!

Our goal was to stay under $5000 for the whole renovation. Check out this complete budget breakdown to see if we made our goal!

2 Responses to Guest Bathroom: The Big Reveal

  1. Dri August 28, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    I am so excited to hear about the budget! My guess: $4998

    Also… it looks sooo great! If I didn’t live only half an hour away, I’d come visit, just so I can take as shower in there!

    • Simple House Expressions August 29, 2012 at 1:05 am #

      Bahaha!! Thanks! You’re always welcome to come try it out. According to Maddie it’s wonderful! I have yet to test it because I’m scared I might break something. It’s weird when you know all the inner workings of something and had to put it back together yourselves!