Portulaca Explosion

About 3 weeks ago, we created this planting along our front sidewalk and planted 6 small portulaca plants in it that we bought for $3 at a garage sale. When I planted them, I separated them out into as many plants as possible in hopes that they would fill in the space more quickly.

The people we bought them from said they reseed like crazy and fill in whatever space they’re given. That’s what we wanted, but I was a little skeptical that they would take over very quickly. Right after planting them, it looked like there was a lot of space they needed to fill and some of them didn’t look very happy.

But only 3 weeks later they look like this.

Isn’t that crazy? They’ve grown like weeds!

Now they’re at least 3 times bigger! We’re really excited about the progress. It’s not going to take nearly as long as we thought for this garden area to look full.

Also, when we first planted them there didn’t appear to be very many blooms since they were in shock from being transplanted.

Now, though, there are lots of blooms and tons of different colors.

 We also have some double layered blooms now, too, instead of just the single layered ones (The hot pink one at the top and the light pink ones at the bottom).

We couldn’t be happier with these plants. We wanted low maintenance, colorful flowers and that’s exactly what we got. I don’t water these very often, maybe once a week, and obviously they’ve done great. Once these fill in a little more (which I’m guessing won’t take long!) I think we’ll separate some of them and put them in a few other places, too. And the best part is I only paid $3 for them!

Portulaca also looks great in pots or hanging baskets since it will grow over the sides, so next year (if they reseed next year!) maybe I’ll dig some up to pot. For $3, I think this was an awesome purchase!


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