Making it personal

When we designed our guest bathroom, we purposefully chose permanent fixtures that were fairly neutral and not too taste-specific. We don’t have any plans to move, but we also don’t expect to be in this house forever, so we always try to think about resale. We chose things like subway tile and brushed nickel finishes so the overall look of the bathroom would be fairly neutral. Not only do we LOVE subway tile, but it’s a fairly classic tile that will look good for a long time.

Also, since it’s such a small space, we wanted to make sure it didn’t feel cluttered by mismatched fixtures. We chose to use all Moen Banbury fixtures (toilet paper holder, towel rod, shower faucet and head, even the toilet lever) except the sink faucet which is still the brushed nickel finish and a very similar design (it’s by Delta and was about $50 cheaper than all the other options!).

See? Practically the same. We chose a neutral gray tile on the floor that had just a hint of warm tones to coordinate with the warmer tan and white glass accent tile in the shower.

By having a mix of cool and warm tones in the room (the “antiqued” vanity, clean white tub, toilet and sink, grey floor tile, tan glass tile, etc.) we feel like almost any paint color would easily coordinate.

Having said all that, though, I was a little worried that our personal style would get lost in the neutral wonderfulness (I do love neutral!) of everything else. So I wanted to use a few unique accessories. It’s a teeny little room, though, so nothing overbearing.

Most of the fixtures are brushed nickel, but we do have an oil-rubbed bronze light fixture and knobs on the vanity. We wanted a ORBed trash can, too, because the brushed nickel ones get really dirty over time and show fingerprints. I saw one online I liked at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for only $12.99 (most of their trash cans in matching sets cost about $30, so this seemed like a steal!), but I figured it would be my luck that they wouldn’t have it. But they did!!

For a trash can isn’t it precious? We also wanted a hook on the back of the door for an extra place to hang wet items. Before there was just a plastic white hook, but I wanted something with a little more character. Several months ago I bought this metal bird hook while on vacation with my family.

But it was an off-white color and I didn’t really like the way it looked against the stark white door. I mixed up some grey chalk paint and coated it a few times.

Then I roughed it up a little bit with some sandpaper.

 Now it pops off the white door. It’ll be cute little surprise when the door is closed.

This white tray is one of my favorite things in the bathroom. Probably 4 or 5 months ago I saw it at Pottery Barn. At the time I didn’t buy it, cause I wasn’t sure what type of tray I wanted for soap and lotion dispensers. I also wasn’t sure I wanted to pay the almost $20 price tag.

As we worked on our bathroom and finalized details of colors and styles, I just couldn’t stop thinking about this tray. I had looked at other places for something similar and couldn’t find anything I liked as much, so I finally went back to Pottery Barn to see if I could find it. I went back to the bath section, but none of the displays were the same and they clearly had new items. I was really disappointed, but  decided to ask an employee about it. I explained what they looked like and where they’d been displayed. She remembered them, but said they’d been put on clearance a long time ago. She went to the back to look just in case, and about 5 minutes later came out with the very last tray! And lucky for me, it was marked down to $12.99.

Last but definitely not least, here’s a sneak peak of the biggest character-building piece in the bathroom: the mirror! I bought this mirror for $25 at Goodwill last year, not knowing what I was going to do with it. Turns out it’s a perfect fit for our bathroom, so I primed it, painted it an antique white, and now it’s hanging up! Unfortunately right now it’s hanging slightly crookedly, so we’re still trying to figure out how to fix that.

With a mirror this heavy, it needed to be mounted using a wire and it needed to be supported by studs and wall anchors. Of course there was no stud in the center of the wall. We did our best to get it mounted sturdily in the center, but I think we still need to add a screw on one side of the wire. It won’t really support much of the weight, but just help hold it level.

This phase has been the most fun part of the entire process. I’m so excited to see our vision come to life and to have one room in our house that finally reflects our taste!


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