Grey coffee table and end tables

I found these two end tables and a matching coffee table on craigslist. Personally, I don’t really like oak colored furniture, but I liked the style of these tables.

First, I took the hardware off and sanded the tables. I used an orbital sander on the top and the sides as much as possible to save time, but it still took a long time to hand sand all of the legs. Even though the Zinsser primer says you don’t need to sand, I just can’t help myself! Maybe one of these days…

I like to leave a crisp line on all of my furniture when there’s part of the piece I’m not painting. I wasn’t going to paint the inside of the drawers, so I put them in plastic bags and taped the plastic around the edge of the drawer. With a brush or roller, this doesn’t really matter, but with the overspray from my paint sprayer paint definitely would have gotten inside.

After sanding, I sprayed on 2 coats of Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 latex primer (2 coats were necessary because of the tannin bleed), a coat of grey latex paint, and then a top coat of Minwax Clear Gloss Polycrylic. I spray painted all the handles a crisp white using a high gloss Rustoleum spray paint.

I don’t have many pictures of these cause I didn’t know they were going to sell so soon. On Saturday night a couple came to look at something else, but they saw this set and even though it was quite a bit more than what they were planning to buy, they changed their minds and had to have these! I can’t blame them…they’re pretty cute, and the large drawer on the end tables is so handy.

I love this grey, but it was mess up paint from Lowe’s so I have no idea what it is and can’t get more! From here on out I’ll have to use it a little more sparingly!



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