A shower door do-over

We are getting soooo close to the end of our bathroom remodel. About time, right? Well, since we made a stupid mistake when we installed our shower doors, our timeline got extended by about a month. Here’s  a recap. There’s a lip on our tub that isn’t flush with the tile. The wall jamb for the side of the shower doors needs to be cut to go around the lip so the jamb can be flush with the tile. Like this:

But see how the two different sides are not equal depths?

Yeah, well we cut into the deeper side thinking that way we’d have plenty of room to make the necessary cuts so they fit around the tub.

But then the bumpers filled up pretty much all that space…

We had to hang the doors slightly off level, which the kit allows for by providing 3 different levels of holes for each piece of hardware at the top of the doors. We had to do this so the glass would hit both the top and bottom bumper when each door was on its respective side. But say the doors ended up on the opposite sides since guests won’t know which side they “should” be on. Then the doors would close at the bottom, but not at the top (even when they were on the correct sides, the doors didn’t sit very deeply inside the jamb.)  See the gap?

If someone got all splishy splashy in the bath, water could come right out into the bathroom, onto to the walls, etc. And it wasn’t just like this on the far end. We had the same problem near the shower head. If the deeper side of the wall jambs were facing out, though, even with the doors hanging slightly crooked, we think they would sit inside the metal frame, keeping water where it belongs.

So, we ordered new wall jambs for $20 a pop, making our total cost of these doors over $400 (once I actually get a chance to live with them for a while I’ll let you know whether it was worth it). But, of course, the model we needed was on backorder. Cause why wouldn’t it be? It wasn’t even supposed to be available again until today. But guess what we got in the mail about a week ago??

And guess who is so excited because now he gets to cut new wall jambs? Well, no one really. But I did get him to pretend.

Now we have no shower doors in our bathroom once again, but (dare I say it?) soon we’ll have shower doors that actually function properly!

I wonder if it will be bittersweet when this project is over? Probably…no. Besides, will it ever really be “done”? Also no.

See our finally installed shower doors and the caulking process here!

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