A bamboo mirror upgrade

I found this bamboo mirror at a flea market for around $6. Mirrors are a weakness of mine, and I knew I could make this one a lot cuter than it is in it’s bare form. Although I must say cleaning the crayon off the mirror worked wonders in itself.

First, I figured I needed to do something about these gaps that were all the way around the outside. A lot of them were wider than this part, and paint wouldn’t really fill them all that well.

So I filled all the edges with Elmer’s Pro Bond wood putty and sanded it smooth.

Then I scuff sanded the raised bamboo part of the frame to make sure the spray paint would adhere. After covering the mirror, I sprayed it with a glossy white spray paint. It probably took 4 coats to make sure all of the lattice part of the frame was completely covered.

Using my new favorite teeny tiny foam roller I carefully rolled grey paint onto the raised areas of the frame and painted the inside edge of the frame with a paintbrush.

After 2 coats of grey paint, I finished it with a spray coat of Minwax Clear Gloss Polycrylic to make sure the paint wouldn’t flake off of the slick bamboo.

Now it’s super glossy and the paint certainly isn’t going anywhere.

I think it gives off a chevron-y vibe…a subtle nod to chevron, if you will. Definitely an improvement from the brown bamboo before, which in my opinion looked very “furniture store” (probably cause that’s where it came from). I love how just a little bit of paint can totally transform something and make it so unique. 🙂


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