Stripey Storage

A few months back I bought these two shelves at a garage sale for $8.

I don’t normally pay so much at garage sales for particle board furniture, but I knew these would be the perfect shelves to go next to the door in our garage. Besides, outdoor storage solutions brand new are much more expensive and are either flimsy plastic or metal racks where everything falls through! Even though these are particle board, they’re actually very sturdy (and very heavy!)

But they started off navy and obviously had been spray painted, but not very well. And I didn’t really like that. So I decided since they were going in my garage I wanted to do a bold striped pattern using some bright sample colors I had on hand. I started by painting the entire shelves a really light grey mess-up paint (this one was Walmart’s Color Place, which I can NEVER recommend…for anything. But again, just going in the garage and I already had the mess-up paint on hand.)

Since this paint is so thin I had to do two coats. I used a 6″ low nap skinny roller and a 2″ brush for the corners. I find the rollers really helpful for getting more even coverage, especially when painting over a glossy surface like spray paint (Because why would I bother sanding particle board shelves that are going in the garage? Waste of time.) I would have used foam rollers, but didn’t have those on hand at the time.

Then I taped off two wide stripes on each shelf (Got ahead of my self and started painting already!)

I wanted really crisp lines, so after I taped I painted over each tape line with the grey base color and a small brush to seal the edges. This technique always creates perfect lines.

 Then I used a teeny tiny roller that I got in a free Valspar sample kit to do the stripes. It was the perfect tool cause it didn’t go over the edge of the tape and still gave me a nice smooth texture.

On one shelf I did the wide stripes with Glidden True Turquoise in an eggshell. On the other shelf I did the wide stripes with Glidden Tropical Coral, though it looks a little more like orange than coral. (I got these two quarts for free from Glidden. I think they do it once every year.)

 Apparently I didn’t take any in between pictures, but after painting the wide stripes and giving them ample time to dry, I taped another smaller stripe in the middle. I alternated sides on each shelf and made each stripe wider than the stripe on the shelf above it.

 I did have a little mishap with my taping, though. I used Scotch blue for the wide stripes, but I was out of 1″ Scotch blue and wanted to use thinner tape for the center stripe. I decided to use Duck brand tape which I had on hand in a 1″ width. Big mistake. It peeled off the gray paint underneath even though it had been dry for days whereas the Scotch Blue did not, and the edges were jagged. This didn’t make sense to me until I looked closely at the tape and realized that the edges of the tape are jagged. How do they expect you to get clean lines if their tape isn’t straight? Talk about lame. I had to touch up the gray and the stripe on a couple of the shelves cause of this tape. Lesson learned. (Sorry, this is my second rant on the subject.)

After the painting and touch ups were done, I sprayed a quick coat of clear gloss spray paint over the top of each shelf. I didn’t bother coating the whole thing since I’ll really only touch the top of each shelf and they’re only garage items.

 I’m still really pleased with what a perfect fit they are for that space. They’re the perfect height, width, and length. And they provide some much needed storage for things that we need all the time.

Since I was waiting to get them painted, we weren’t really utilizing them before.

 And now they’re all organized and making lots of everyday items readily accessible.

Well, everyday for me, anyway…safety goggles, a tape measure, bug spray, paint filters for my spray gun, tubs for clean and dirty rags, paint sticks, outside shoes for me and Andrew, containers for mixing paint, and a few other painting supplies.

I love having this stuff all in one easily accessible place, especially the paint sticks. Every time I go out into the garage I just pick up a few dried paint stirrers and stick them back in the container so I can always find one. Now if only the rest of the garage looked this clean. Remember a few weeks ago when we organized the whole garage? Well, technically it’s still organized, but thanks to my furniture adventure it looks like a disaster zone!!


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