Meet the vanity

I apologize for yet another post about our bathroom, but now that it’s finally coming together I just can’t help myself! It has just been such a long process and these finishing touches are starting to prove that all the blood, sweat, and tears (literally!) were worth it.

Lest you’ve forgotten, let me remind you what our bathroom used to look like. I’m even starting to forget since I never wanted to go in there before anyway.

It was pretty awful. Everything was some shade of off-white, biscuit, tan, beige, etc. And by everything I mean the tub, toilet, sink, glass shades on the light fixture, the countertops, the cabinets which probably were white at one point, the walls, the floor…everything! But now in its almost complete phase, it looks like this:

Since my last post about a few finishing touches, we’ve installed the drawers…

And the drawer hardware, which we bought separately from the vanity. 

The vanity came with matching white wooden knobs, but we thought they just looked a little too 80s or contractor grade, so we bought our own oil rubbed bronze knobs to tie in with our light fixture and add a little more interest to the vanity. We bought 6 of these round knobs for the cabinet doors and the 4 top drawers.

Then after much searching I found longer T pulls for the 2 longer drawers at the bottom. They were so hard to find cause we wanted a longer pull with only 1 center hole. We thought a small round knob just wouldn’t look quite right with the longer drawers.

Also, let me point out how much storage we managed to squeeze into this tiny space, thanks to our awesome vanity. (Personally, the two of us don’t really need much storage in this bathroom since it’s just for guests, but throughout all of our house projects we’re considering resale, and since it’s likely a family with kids might be interested in this home, storage in a bathroom is a must.)

We have 4 of these deep drawers.

This was one of the things that we loved about our vanity over our other options. This one had all real drawers, which seems like the way it should be, right? But the two top drawers were fake on all the vanities we saw at Lowe’s and Home Depot, even though the sink was center set and not in the way of the drawers. I have no idea why, and it was really aggravating. But these are real drawers! We got this vanity for $400 at a place called Surplus Warehouse. Not only are the drawers real, but it’s solid wood and it was way cheaper than those fake ones (which started at about $700)!

At the bottom of the vanity we have 2 shallower, longer drawers. 

And just in case I decide to store it here, I had to make sure the toilet paper would fit.

And it does! And then we also have a little bit of cabinet storage under the sink. Since there are so many drawers this space is a little smaller than normal, but I think that’s better anyway. Too much cabinet space gets hard to organize.

 We also added the toilet paper holder. But I’m still unsure of where we chose to put it. I don’t really like seeing it from the hallway, but since there’s a drawer in the vanity on the opposite side of where it would need to go, it wouldn’t be as simple as just screwing it in. The drawer would hit the screws unless we came up with some other solution (cutting off the screws, I suppose?). And I just couldn’t bear the thought of drilling holes in my brand new vanity, either. So for now it’s on the wall and visible from the hallway.

Realistically, though, I doubt most people will think twice about it. It’s toilet paper. I should hope most people expect to see that in bathrooms. And if down the road I change my mind, it shouldn’t be too terribly hard to remedy.

We’re getting closer and closer, but here’s our updated to do list. Still several small things left to do!

  • Mud and paint the edge of the wall around the backsplash (where we cut the drywall to inset the splash into the wall)
  • Install trim around the door
  • Touch up paint on all trim
  • Change light switch (so the two light switches match and the one isn’t a dimmer.)
  • Texture around outlet
  • Install outlet
  • Install shower doors (technically they’re up right now, but we’re waiting on backordered wall jambs since we have to redo them)
  • Install faucet
  • Install vanity drawers and new pulls
  • Refinish and hang mirror
  • Hang toilet paper holder and towel rack
  • Hang hook and door stopper on bathroom door (and touch up the small dent in the wall that the knob already created)
  • Hang shelves over toilet
  • Hang art above towel rack
  • Accessorize!

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