From 3 piece bath to 4

We didn’t actually add any features to our bathroom that weren’t there before…well, before February when we had a semi-functioning bathroom, but for the past 6 months (Yes, we’ve been working on this bathroom for almost 6 months. Insane, right??) the sink has not been functioning. Well, now the finishing touches are finally going in! Even though now we can’t technically finish the bathroom until August (we need new shower wall jambs but they’re on back-order until mid August), we really want to finish up everything else so that it looks a little more complete.

So over the weekend we decided we were finally going to tackle that 4th piece in our bathroom: the sink! What’s that? Guests don’t have to wash their hands or brush their teeth in the kitchen anymore? Hallelujah! Now that we have our final piece of granite and it’s sealed, we could install the faucet. Our faucet is by Delta and it’s an 8″ widespread, high-arc faucet. For some reason this one was anywhere from $30 to $100 cheaper than every other widespread, high-arc faucet. Not only that, but this was my favorite, too. I had a $25 Home Depot gift card, so the total after taxes came to $111.

Andrew installed the faucet and hooked up the drain… 

And finally for the first time since we tore up our bathroom we have running water in the sink!

So shiny, pretty, but best of all, functioning!

Then we installed the towel bar. Standard height for a towel bar is 48″, but we decided we were a little more partial to a 50″ height. I had Andrew hold up the towel bar (with towels hanging on it) while I looked from the door. When we finally decided where we wanted it, we made an X under one side. Then we used the template that came with it to help measure where to drill holes.

Once we decided where it should go, we leveled the template. 

And then it was time for the scary drilling! Scary to me anyway cause if you get it just slightly off, it can be really hard to adjust as you can’t drill a second hole too close to the first. But that’s why I have Andrew. 

Our studs were spaced properly so theoretically the towel bar would have been able to be mounted into studs, but we decided we didn’t like the placement of it on the studs. Since we decided not to screw into studs, we used the plastic anchors that were provided in the package for added strength. Let’s just hope we never decide to take this down, cause we know from experience how fun they are to rip out of the wall.

Then we screwed the metal mounting pieces into the anchors. 

And screwed the towel rod into those.

And voilà! We had a place to hang the super lush towels that have been sitting in a closet for a month! We decided to go with all Moen Banbury finishes because they matched the Delta sink the closest and we liked the aesthetic. Our shower faucet and showerhead, towel rack, toilet paper holder, and toilet flusher are all Banbury. It made the decision easier to just pick one design and we like the cohesive look (plus that way all the metal finishes are guaranteed to match).

 We even hung my DIYed paint chip art!

I think it turned out really well and I love the impact of a larger piece of art versus several little things in such a small space.

It’s so fun to work on this phase of the renovation cause all the finishing touches go so fast and are really starting to make the room look complete. Just a few small things left to do and we’ll have ourselves a mostly complete bathroom…until mid August when it can finally be complete for real, of course.


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