Putting a price on junk

Garage sales are such a weird phenomenon, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong, I love garage sales and I’ve found lots of great stuff, but it’s still kind of a funny concept. “I don’t want this crap in my house anymore and I thought maybe you’d like to pay a quarter to haul it away for me?”

So that’s what we did. I purged my house, combing through every closet like 3 times asking myself “Do I really need this?” Usually the answer was no, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I got rid of it!

I ended up filling my car pretty full of stuff to drive it to my sister-in-law’s house where we were having a combined sale. I don’t think my car has been this full for a long time, but my garage was definitely thanking me.

Combined we had quite a bit of stuff, but certainly not enough to warrant a “HUGE SALE” sign. Considering she and I had a garage sale together just 2 years ago, though, it would appear we accumulated a lot in the past few years. (There are several more tables in the garage you can’t see and surprisingly quite a bit was already gone by about 9 am on Friday when I took this picture). 

We started on Friday and it was a good thing, too, cause that’s when we made most of our money. I never would have thought that Friday would be busier than Saturday, but maybe today everyone decided they would rather sleep in than brave the heat. I know I felt that way.

Since Andrew came with me today, we brought a bookshelf that I couldn’t load myself on Friday. It’s one of the heaviest pieces of furniture we had, and it’s just a bookshelf! There was no way I could be of much help loading it, and it would’ve been hard to get it back up into the truck on his own (not only is it really heavy, but it’s an awkward shape, too). So, he used his noggin and backed the truck almost up to our front door. Then he slid the shelf on it’s side on top of a blanket through our house, out the front door, and straight into the bed of the truck.

Isn’t he clever? And then we sold that puppy for $15. Yay! As it got later and later today we started marking down prices, adding more stuff to the free pile, and practically harassing our customers trying to get them to take stuff for free. We may have even given a few things to children that I’m sure their parents were just thrilled about! Eventually it got to the point that we had a “Free” table, and “10 cent” table and a “Prices as marked” table. And it was starting to look pretty bare.

Around 12 we decided to go inside to eat lunch, and in hopes that we might get rid of a little bit more and have less to load up, we left everything in the driveway and put a big “Everything’s free!” sign at the end of the driveway.

Several things did disappear. People love free stuff apparently! When we loaded everything up later we only had 3 small boxes, and just after we had it loaded someone stopped and asked if they could take it off our hands. We were more than obliging as it meant we didn’t have to drop it off anywhere. I call that a win-win. Except I think I won bigger. Overall we made about $350 (that was our stuff, my sister-in-law’s, and a few things thrown in by 2 other friends). Personally I made about $112, and considering that I thought it was all junk, I’m pretty pleased! I think I’ll put it in my furniture fund so I can do some garage saling of my own!

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