Growing our old furniture collection

Our new 1951 three drawer chest isn’t the only new-to-us, old addition to our house. A few weeks ago I saw a Craigslist ad for a 1948 Truetone phonograph and radio cabinet. It was only $30, and I just couldn’t resist!

We bought in Siloam Springs (about 40 minutes away) a few weeks ago, and it stayed with my brother and sister-in-law there until we were able to get a vehicle to bring it home.

It doesn’t currently work, but we’re hoping we’ll be able to repair it . Since we only paid $30 for it, we’d even be willing to put some money toward someone else fixing it if we can’t. I have heard though that even if the radio works, the radio tubes often get really hot or smoke. So it might not even be an option. But even if we can’t get it in working order, it’s still pretty to look at. Some of the veneer is damaged on the front but we do have the large missing piece of veneer to glue back on, and if we stick with paint and not stain it should be easy enough to fix.

The radio is on the top right and the record player is in a drawer on the top left. The speaker is underneath the record player and the other side is a cabinet for record storage.

I just love the color of the wood and kind of wish we could restore it to its original finish, but I think I’ll have to settle for just seeing the wood on the inside.

Chaucer likes it, too! Or maybe he just thinks it smells funny.

On one of the panels that attaches to the back of the cabinet there’s a date listed: 8/27/48. I love that older pieces have dates on them. I think I’m going to start writing dates on all my furniture in case any of it is still around in 50 years. Just kidding. None of it is this kind of quality, so there wouldn’t be any point. Sad, isn’t it?

And the best part is there’s a matching optional television, too! Oh, but only once television becomes available in your area, of course.

It came with some extra needles, too. Can you believe that price? 25 needles for 25 cents. Wonder how much they’d be if I need to buy them now.

And obviously someone got creative with storing their needles…reusing a plastic baggy meant for elastic leg briefs. Weird. But the instructions on how to use the plastic bag and the disclaimer that the bag can be reused are mighty helpful. A bag that told me how to repair a phonograph would be more useful at this point, though.

Currently it’s sitting in our living room next to the front door. It replaced a smaller white shelf and I think it’s a much better proportion for that space. I hope I continue to like it, though, cause it’s about the only space it does fit!

Our “old” furniture collection now consists of this cabinet, my 1951 set of drawers that I got over the weekend, an antique Austinsuite dresser, and antique kitchen chairs. I love thinking about the history behind all of these piece and using them in my home decor.

 On an unrelated note, I’m having a garage sale with my sister-in-law tomorrow and Saturday. I love having garage sales just for the motivation it provides to purge and clean house. I really don’t have much to sell since we had a garage sale a few years ago, but we’ll see if I can make just a little bit to put toward my “furniture to redo and sell” fund.

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