Wire and Mire

A few months ago the electric company started rewiring our entire neighborhood. This hasn’t been done since the neighborhood was built in the late 70’s/early 80’s, and apparently it was time to redo it.

All of our electrical wires are underground, so we weren’t sure how this was going to work. We were worried that they might have to dig a trench all the way along our back yard. In which case we probably would have tried to trick them into digging out all of our backyard! But apparently they have a nifty machine called a Ditch Witch that actually fishes the wire through the ground. The good news was that they weren’t going to dig a trench the entire length of our yard. The bad was that this was in our yard for over a month.

And they chopped back those bushes pretty severely to make room for it. I can’t find any before pictures of those bushes (since I didn’t know they were going to be cut back so much), but the sides of them were very full before. Can’t decide if we’re glad they trimmed them or not. And this sat in the street in front of our house.

They dug one large hole right beneath our meter and fished the wire through our backyard from there. (It’s inside the caution tape). The wire came out in a second hole in the easement behind our yard.

Meanwhile Mr. Ditch Witch sat on our grass and leeched some nasty sticky goop all over. See that shiny stuff? Yeah, not water.

And it tore up our grass pretty severely.

The hole also filled up with some nasty orange clay goop which at some point sprayed out of the hole…

…And into our yard. It then hardened and separated. Luckily it didn’t kill anything and we were kind of able to scrape it up once it hardened. But still, gross.

Finally when it was all said and done they cleared away the machinery and hoses and left behind the nasty goop. They told Andrew that they would throw down some grass seed where they had worked, but we have bermuda grass which doesn’t seed very well. Our neighbor told us that he got sod for the areas they ruined in his yard, so Andrew called them and they agreed to come lay  some sod for us, too. Free of charge, of course.

Remember it looked like this before:

And after the sod it looked like this:

Not too bad, eh? But now just a week or so later it’s looking a wee bit toasty. 🙁

It’s so hot and dry right now so we’re not sure how well we can expect it to do. We’ve been watering it once or twice a day, so hopefully it will take root enough to survive and to integrate into the rest of the yard by next year.

We also found out that placement of the old wires in the back yard could possibly have prevented us from pushing our retaining wall back as far as we wanted to so we could build a patio area off the deck. But now with their new location (a few feet further back), they definitely won’t be in the way (as long as no other wires are there). And to be honest, I think we ended up with more grass in that spot than we had before. #Winning


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