Remembering Roger

So, you know Roger our neighborhood peacock? We introduced him in a post a while back, but here’s the quick story. He lived in our neighborhood (for about 7 years according to one neighbor), he liked to eat crackers or anything else he was given, and he only made noise in the spring/summer around 8 in the evenings and occasionally in the morning.

So you may have caught on, but that was all in past tense. Reason being, Roger is dead. 🙁 And it was no accident. Andrew and I were talking to a neighbor the other day, and he informed us that an older lady in the neighborhood had her son come pick up Roger and “get rid of him.” And no, he didn’t just bring him to a farm out in the country…seems like a better solution, doesn’t it?

Apparently she had always hated Roger after the two of them had a little incident. The story goes that she was out watering her flowers (which she does like a million times a day) and Roger ventured up onto her front porch. Roger had all his feathers fanned out and she wanted him to go away. She walked toward him, trapping him on her front porch, and then tried to shoo him. But he had no where to go since she was in the way. Obviously, not the best idea. He felt threatened and somehow scratched her arm with his “spurs”. People tried to convince her it wasn’t that bad, but she wasn’t having it and made someone take her to the ER. All they did was clean the scratch. Ever since then, she’s made threats about wanting to kill Roger and dramatized the whole story of how he “attacked” her, but no one thought she’d actually kill him. Everyone knows she was just being dramatic and that Roger wasn’t violent. Andrew and I, for example, walked right up to him to take these pictures and he just walked calmly away.

If Andrew and I felt like wasting money, we thought it would be really funny (or mean) to do our own variation of “forking” her yard using peacock feathers. Can you imagine her reaction when she woke up in the morning to find hundreds of peacocks feathers sticking out of her yard?

No one can report her for killing him, either, since he didn’t actually belong to anyone. What’s maybe even more frustrating is that she won’t even admit it was her doing. But we all know. And we won’t forget! Maybe someday we’ll just buy a peacock of our own…


RIP Roger.

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