Branson Goodies

When we were in Branson a few weeks ago, I went to a flea market with my mom, sister, and sister-in-law. (There are lots of fun flea markets and thrift stores in Branson that I would love to go to, but we ran out of time on this trip.) At the flea market we found one particular booth with lots of cute things! It was all things made out of iron: figurines, hooks, decorative wall hangings, hardware…let’s just say I got a little bit excited in this booth. Here are a few of my purchases.

I love this little bird.

I’ve been wanting oversized, decorative keys for a while, too, but everwhere I’ve seen them they’re so expensive! It was only $8 for this solid metal set of 4.

I found several different bird hooks and snatched up two of them. The white one in the second picture is going to go on the back of the door in our guest bathroom. The other one? Not sure yet…but you never know when you might need a spare hook with a bird on it!

Or a really cool looking handle. This may never end up on an actual piece of furniture or door or anything of the sort, but I think it looks pretty cool just by itself.

I also got two towel rings, possibly for our master bathroom (in the picture below). They were only $3.98 each and so much more unique than anything found at a hardware store.

For the past 8 months our hand towel has just sat on the countertop in between our sinks. Then Chaucer lays on it (or occasionally decides it’s a toy and drags it away.) Then it gets covered with cat hair and I dry my hands on it. Then I try to put my contacts in and get cat hair in my eye. This system isn’t really working for me anymore, so these were a much needed item in our house. And I also bought that cool rock paperweight from a different booth cause I know Andrew loves rocks. 🙂

We went to one other flea market called “The Hillbilly Hangout.” Classy, right? And while they had lots of awesome things, most of it cost a pretty penny, even if it wasn’t that rare or antique. But I did find this one antique bottle that I just had to have.

This is why I like to shop at flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales. The things you find are just so much more unique than anything available at big box stores or departments stores and generally cheaper than places like Etsy. Though I do love to look at Etsy…

And here’s the fluffy Chaucer with a copy of Canterbury Tales (from a garage sale). And yes, I did buy a book that I don’t plan to read just for the flufferson. Because I love him. And because he’s so stinkin’ adorable!

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