A bathroom made new. Almost.

Well, we finally decided to give in and reveal the progress so far in our guest bathroom. We stopped posting pictures of it just before we painted, hoping to do one big final reveal. But now that it’s a month later and we’re still not quite done, we decided we should probably do an update. Be excited! Many hours went into this bathroom…

We haven’t really been working on the bathroom lately as we’ve been waiting on our granite countertop. The first one had the holes drilled in the wrong places. Just this week we finally got a new piece installed. But to our dismay (and I’m sure to the granite guy’s horror) this piece has some major stains and is too polished and shiny around the sink (supposed to honed), so we’ll need yet another new piece.

But for now there’s granite in there, so without further ado, after what we hoped would be 1 month but has actually been 3, we turned our bathroom from this:

Into this!! 

(Not sure why the floor tile looks so brown. It’s really just grey and white). Obviously there’s a still a lot to do: shower doors, touch-up paint, mirror and frame, drawers in the vanity and a faucet (delayed by the granite), and decorating.

So some background. Everything in our bathroom was original to when the house was built in 1983. Pretty ugly if you ask me. (Here’s after taking all our stuff out and scraping the ceiling).

We weren’t planning to tackle the bathroom as our first big project, but after finding a crack in the bottom of the tub, bumped it up on the list. We budgeted it all out and since we would save considerably by doing it all ourselves, decided that our max budget was $5000 (more to come on that later to see if we stayed under budget!). And then we tore it up! Literally and figuratively, of course. 🙂

We started this project on February 4th, hoping it would take about a month. Crazy kids. 3 months later and we’re still not done! What were we thinking?

We did everything in the bathroom ourselves except for the tiling. We’re glad we hired someone else to tile this time since we were still just getting our feet wet with this whole renovation business. But after all the stuff we went through with this bathroom, we’re pretty confident we could tile in the future.

Here are some of the things that went into renovating our bathroom:

Finishing touches that happened after this post:

Whew! That just goes to show how much work went into this bathroom! When you look at the finished (or not quite finished) product, it seems like it wouldn’t be so bad. New tub, toilet, and vanity, some tile on the shower and floor, paint, and fixtures.In reality there are soooo many steps, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned through all of this, it’s that everything takes longer than you think it will. I don’t think that has ever been truer in the history of mankind than with our bathroom. Well, other than maybe the pyramids…and the Great Wall of China. And lots of other stuff. Ok, well it’s news to us. 🙂

So what do you think of our new almost completed bathroom?

Update: Check out the final reveal of our guest bathroom!


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