Comfy Cozy Bedding

Guess what I got in the mail last week?? A new duvet cover from West Elm for our master bedroom! Yay for more progress. We got off to a good start with the bedroom when we first moved in scraping the ceiling and painting the whole room, but since then little progress has been made. Now that we’re in this awful holding pattern with our bathroom (will it ever be finished?!), I’ve turned my attention back to the master bedroom.

Our current comforter is ivory with black details and matching pillows. I was so in love with this comforter when we got it at a wedding shower (mostly because of the pleating detail which ironically ties into the design of my wedding dress, too), but our wedding was almost 3 years ago. Also, the bed frame is a strange greyish-white color that in combination with the ivory comforter just looks dingy. Time for something new (for now this comforter set will go in the guest room).

After looking at comforters and duvets everywhere and discussing every possible color or pattern, we were just feeling overwhelmed with how to coordinate it with things we hope to have in the room someday (curtains, rug, and bench). So we decided to go with a simple white duvet and then add a quilt or pillows later to coordinate with other elements in the room. But there are still a lot of options in the white duvet department. We found some fairly cheap plain ones from Bed, Bath, & Beyond, but they just looked  a little unfinished to us. Target had some really cute ones, but the reviews were terrible! And a lot of them said they were major lint attractors. No good…especially with a long-haired cat.

Then I saw this one from West Elm.

And I was sold.  It’s a little pricier than we were hoping at $119, but we couldn’t find anything else we liked. Plus I had a 10% off coupon code. When we got it in the mail we were really glad we spent the extra. The quality of this duvet is obviously better than a lot of the others we looked at in person (like the cheaper ones at Target which, not surprisingly, felt cheap) and so far it hasn’t really attracted any lint. But we couldn’t bring ourselves to spend $24 per sham.

Since we were going for a sort of mismatched look anyway, I looked at the clearance bedding and found this set. 

The shams were $6.99!! Even somewhere like Target or Walmart that’d be pretty cheap, so I snapped up two of those, too. We were planning to use the old comforter as the insert for the duvet, but my mom told us that Bed, Bath & Beyond had down comforters on sale for $69.99 for all sizes. We decided to get a king for our queen duvet to make it seem a little fuller. I don’t know if this “queen” duvet is just a little bigger than normal, but the king size comforter works really well. (Confession: I didn’t have a BBB 20% coupon for that purchase! Eek!)

Here’s the before I shared a while back with our old bedding. It looks decent in this picture, but in person I think it just adds to the “yellowness” of the room (caused by our floors and inadequate amount of natural light).

And here’s with our pretty new bedding from West Elm! Not a huge difference in this picture, but it definitely looks better with the headboard and it’s getting closer to the more contemporary look I’m wanting. Got to find a less traditional looking bench, though…

It looks much fresher than the off-white comforter.

Here’s an up close of the “Organic Rice Pintuck” shams. They’re a nice light grey color, and they coordinate really well with the duvet without matching too closely. I want to add a few more colored pillows and maybe a quilt at the end of the bed (as well as get some new, not black sheets. Black sheets with an orange and white kitty are not a good idea).

Slowly but surely we’re making progress. Picture new sheets, a different bench, a rug, a new light fixture, curtains, art, matching height end tables…ok, so there’s a long way to go. But I’m trying to dwell on the positives.

 And just because he’s so freaking cute, here’s the Chaucey Sauce. He was very interested in the camera.


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