The Dogwood Festival

Yesterday Andrew and I went to Siloam Springs, Arkansas where my brother’s family lives to go to the 38th annual Dogwood Festival with them. The Dogwood Festival is basically an opportunity for vendors to gather in one place to sell handmade items or food. There are small rides and activities for kids, lots of food, and lots of random hand-made items for sale. Though we usually don’t buy much, it’s fun just to walk around and see all the items, people-watch, and spend time with friends.

It was also our niece Avelea’s first Dogwood Festival ever!

She got a new headband and bow from this booth.

And fell asleep shortly thereafter. Isn’t she so cute?

This booth was my favorite. They had some unique “white boards” that they’d made out of old wood and sheet metal. I like the look of this way more than a regular white board! Maybe someday I’ll have to make something like this for myself. 🙂

They had lots of these printed signs, too. My favorite was “I love you more than pickles.” Oh, but I do love pickles…

Of course it wouldn’t be a festival in Arkansas without a few Confederate items (ok, maybe more than a few.) The first time I ever went to the Dogwood Festival my freshman year of college, I was shocked to see Confederate flags and memorabilia everywhere. Being from the midwest I had just never seen anything like that…

We bought some homemade root beer, some fried alligator (more of that Arkansas culture!), and ventured into a small children’s boutique on main street where Little Miss Avie got yet another headband and flower. Can a girl have too many bows, flowers and headbands? I say no. She’s just too precious!

Seeing all the adorable handmade clothes in the boutique inspired us and we decided to go to Walmart for their $1.50 fabric sale (their way of participating in the Dogwood Festival). We probably bought more than we needed, but for $1.50/yard how can you not??

I got 10 yards of fabric for a total of $15! Not pictured is some felt-like fabric that I got to use for outside Chaucer’s litterbox. If there’s nothing there he tracks litter all over and I hate that! $1.50 for a few extra blankets (so we can rotate them through the wash) seems like a good deal to me! Here are the other 4 fabrics I got.

I got the white stretchy fabric to use as a scarf (my sis-in-laws idea). I’m not sure what the grey and white fabric will be for, but I think it would go well in our master bedroom. And I LOVED the pattern, so for $1.50, why not?

This navy fabric is a really thick canvas. I got four yards of it thinking I could possibly use it for a headboard, reupholstering a chair, or just a bunch of small projects. The yellow might someday end up in the guest bedroom. Navy and yellow is a potential color scheme that I’ve been thinking about for the guest room. But I’m trying not to allow myself to go there…too many other projects first!

I started out just buying two fabrics, but after purchasing them both Dri and I decided that for that price we shouldn’t pass up any fabrics that we loved. Like how I’ve convinced myself that I’m going to start sewing? My excuse is that in order to sew I need a stash of fabric! We’ll see if the sewing part happens. 🙂

After Walmart we went back to Ansen and Dri’s to have dinner, and then Andrew and Dri built a raised garden bed for her backyard. We had a really fun day with our family, and we were so glad to be able to spend a little more time with our precious niece.

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