Our Neighbor Roger

Who is Roger, you might ask? Not a creepy man who lives down the street. Not a stray dog that runs wild. Not that annoying kid who plays his music too loud…though this Roger IS loud. Our Roger is a peacock!

We heard about Roger when we first moved in from some of our neighbors. They told us that he once “attacked” a woman in the neighborhood because she got too close and trapped him (I think she was only scratched). They told us that people in the neighborhood have considered trying to bring him to a farm somewhere. What they didn’t tell us was that secretly everyone likes Roger and wants him to stick around. And he sticks around because they feed him, naturally. 🙂

I’d forgotten that he even existed (since I had never actually seen him) until one morning a few months ago when my family was in town visiting. It was mid-morning and he had ventured up the street that he lives on to our driveway. It was all fun and games until he pooped right in the middle of our sidewalk and then someone stepped in it. He must have known Andrew was angry cause he fled back down his street (or maybe it was cause someone was chasing him with a camera?) I only got to see him from a distance as he was running away.

But finally last night I met Roger. Andrew and I were taking a walk and decided to go down his direction. We made it to the end of the cul-de-sac without seeing him, and thought he must be in someone’s back yard or in a tree. But then all of a sudden as we turned to go back, he appeared, fanning his feathers out in someone’s driveway…seemingly at their garage door. After attempting to snap a few pictures of him with our iPhones (he wouldn’t turn around for the camera), we ran into our neighbors and they told us that he roosts in one of the neighbor’s trees. To get into the tree, he first flies onto her roof, and then into the tree. I’m surprised that he can fly at all with all those feathers!

With the onset of spring (a.k.a. mating season) he’s started “calling” every evening around 7 or 8 o’clock. Before March, I had never heard a peacock call. The first time I heard the noise it seemed so loud and clear that I thought maybe some animal was trapped in our crawl space. But it was just Roger. What poor Roger doesn’t know is that no female peafowl is ever going to hear his call. Roger, you live in a residential neighborhood, not a zoo. Get over it! If you’ve never heard a peacock call before, listen to this.

This is what I’ve heard almost every evening for the past month. Luckily it doesn’t go on for very long (maybe just 6 times or so) and it’s never when we’re sleeping. Since he doesn’t disturb the peace much, we’ll try to appreciate his beauty and think of him as “adding character to the neighborhood.”

2 Responses to Our Neighbor Roger

  1. Dri April 27, 2012 at 10:19 pm #

    Haha, my parents actually used to raise peafowl when I was really little, but I still kind of remember it. I can’t believe you’ve never heard a peacock call!

  2. Simple House Expressions May 3, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

    Well I’ve heard one now! Don’t think it’s something you easily forget. 🙂

    – Arielle