Announcing the long awaited…


We’re kind of embarrassed that it took us this long to get a post written about our master bedroom. For anyone who has looked at our house tour (check back in soon for an updated tour!), you know that the only picture of our master bedroom is an empty room. As soon as we moved in we decided it would be one of our first projects, second only to our laundry room project.

We set up our bed in the guest bedroom and got started scraping the popcorn ceiling in the master. And boy, is that a fun project. NOT! Our popcorn ceilings are very uneven and yellowed, and around the edges there are layers of paint from poor painting jobs (the walls have been red, yellow, and green!), so they had to go! Here are the befores of our empty master bedroom (pardon the bad pictures. All the befores were taken with our iphones.)

It’s a very big room, and that ceiling took several full evenings after work to scrape. We did lots of research before starting, and everyone told us we should spray it with water in small sections (not too much, just until damp) as we scraped to keep the dust down. We started with this method, but actually found that scraping it dry worked better. It’s certainly more dusty, but it left the ceiling looking like new drywall. When it was wet the texture turned back into mud and stuck to the ceiling more. It also made the ceiling easier to gouge with the putty knife or to tear the paper. So we opted to leave it dry and wear protective gear instead. Attractive, right?

Here’s what the ceiling looked like after scraping it dry. It really did look like brand new drywall!

Andrew mudded all the corners and the holes in the walls. We’re pretty sure when this house was built originally nobody bothered to tape and mud the corners, leaving a tiny but visible gap between the wall and ceiling. Blech.

Here’s the room primed. Looks a little sketchy, doesn’t it?

As we scrape and paint each room, we’re also repainting the door and all the trim in that room. The trim throughout all of our house is very loose (and dirty!) allowing dust from the ceiling to get behind it, so it’s easier to just take it all off. We have a finish nail gun anyway so putting it back up is relatively easy. When we went to Lowe’s to buy trim paint the first time, they handed us this brochure. Who knew there were so many trim colors! After agonizing over what color would be best, we chose white. 🙂

Here’s part of the room finally painted, but still without trim. We had two large dropcloths that together actually covered the entire floor!

And now for the big reveal!!!! Well, the “in process” reveal. We still have a lot to do in this room, but that’s all the easy stuff. We’re certainly miles from where we started, and we’re so excited with how it’s coming together…especially with the smooth ceiling!

We found this bedframe at our Habitat for Humanity Restore. Unsure of what solid wooden bedframes should cost, we debated about whether or not it was worth $150. We actually left it and went to a furniture store to compare prices. And boy, were we shocked!! $600 and up for all bedframes! And we didn’t like any as well as this one. We panicked and called the store asking them to hold it for us, and then went and picked it up as soon as we could!

Like I said, this room still needs a lot of decorating work…the room is very large, though, so we’re not really sure what to do with this end of it. (And the shelf and dresser aren’t supposed to be right next to each other…just haven’t decided where they’ll go.)

This door frame had to be taken out cause the previous owners tried to use a standard size door frame. However, the closet on the other side and part of the master bath were an addition, so this is originally an exterior wall making it thicker than a standard wall.

We took out the door frame, added a custom frame that actually fits, and soon we’re going to hang a sliding “barn” door on that wall where the bookshelf and dresser are. This dresser matches our bedframe wonderfully. And the best part? It was free. 🙂

So there you have it. What do you think so far??

Here’s the list of things still to do:

  • Finish framing door, sand and stain sliding door, cut track down to size, and hang door
  • Get new bedding
  • Find or make new light fixture
  • Install 4 can lights, 2, on each end of room (depending on what light fixture we end up with)
  • Find a bench to reupholster or table to convert to bench for the end of the bed
  • Find matching or coordinating night tables
  • Find a rug
  • Buy (maybe make?) and hang curtains to block neighbors annoying flood light!
  • And lots more decorating…


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2 Responses to Announcing the long awaited…

  1. ashleigh dean April 21, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

    This is a bedroom that I would find on Pinterest.

    No joke.

    • Simple House Expressions April 24, 2012 at 4:49 pm #

      Aw, thanks! Hopefully in the next couple months it will begin to look more “Pinterest worthy.” Still a lot left to do!