And this is why we’re redoing the entire backyard…

It rained today, as it rains a lot in Arkansas in the spring. And we discovered that this is what happens in our back yard after a heavy rain.

It didn’t look this bad before as we actually had a deck and plants and all that jazz, but we’ve been working on regrading it lately. Yesterday it was just a big pile of dirt. Today it’s a mud hole.

Of the three levels in our backyard, this is the lowest, so everything runs towards the house. We don’t remember it being this bad before when it rained, but we never could see under the deck since it was actually a deck…you know, the kind with planks? There were also cinder blocks around the ac unit so even if there was standing water around it, it’s possible we might not have seen it.

And all that red on the house? Yeah, I’m almost certain they didn’t use an exterior paint and it’s “bleeding” down the house. We also have some very light red spots on the brick in the front underneath each shutter (except the ones on the window under the eave that doesn’t get rained on). They’re cream now, but judging from the color of the deck, the color we exposed on the railing by the front door when we sanded it, and the can of red paint left in the garage we’re guessing they used to be red. (We threw away the paint before we realized that so we can’t confirm the type of paint.)

The water was up past the bottom of the ac unit so we got out the wet vac to try to keep the water off the unit. That thing is very handy. We bought it for $5 at a garage sale last summer and hoped we’d never have to use it. We’ve already had to use it once before while doing some plumbing in our bathroom. If you own a house (even if your backyard is in great shape and you’re not tackling any plumbing), it’s a wise investment to make. You don’t want to be without one in the rare (or if you’re like us, not so rare) case that you need it.

So our Sunday afternoon consisted of vacuuming water out of our backyard and dumping it in the front, all while it was still raining. Oh, the joys of owning a fixer upper…and fixing it up yourselves.


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