Leave the veneer to the pros, please!

Welcome to our first installment of “What were they thinking?!” where we’ll share pictures of funny, odd, or maybe sometimes sad looking houses. Hopefully it will leave you scratching your head wondering what these people were thinking…

This first one comes to you directly from our own neighborhood. It’s not a terrible looking house, but there’s just something about it that really gets to us. My dad used to be in the stone business in Kansas (extended family still is). Growing up my dad would always call fake stone veneer “lick and stick.” Don’t think this is fake necessarily, but it definitely looks like a lick and stick job to me or maybe just a “stack it and hope it sticks” kind of job! It’s not even straight across on both sides of the front door! It comes up higher on the right side of the front door than on the left.

Why would they do that? Well, because of the smaller window on the far right, of course. In my humble opinion, they should have brought it just up to the longer windows and left the space between the veneer and the smaller window. It looks like they ran out of stone near the end and just didn’t finish the left side! Don’t see it so much in that one? How about up closer?

I also hate that they did nothing to any other side of the house. They covered the foundation and the siding portions of the house in the front, but then you see them both on the side. It makes the stone look heavy, out-of-place, and unfinished.

Most partially veneered walls have some kind of wall cap (a longer stone laid horizontally across the top of the wall) to drive water away from the house and give the wall a more crisp line. This one does not, adding to the unfinished look. This is especially important under windows to guide water away from the windows.

For the sake of the people living here, I hope it was installed correctly and that it guides water away from the wall instead of trapping it inside. But even if so, it’s still ugly!

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