A Happy Easter with the fam…

Well this past weekend we were down in Little Rock spending time with my family for Easter. Both Andrew and I grew up in Topeka, Kansas, but a little over a year ago my family moved to Little Rock, Arkansas. While it’s sad that our families are now in two different places, it’s nice that Little Rock is closer to us. Also, Little Rock is beautiful in the spring! Kansas is beautiful in its own way (that maybe only I can appreciate?), but Arkansas is called “The Natural State” for a reason!

Pinnacle Mountain State Park near Little Rock

Since we had Good Friday off we went down Thursday night, and we spent most of the day Friday helping my family in their yard. It’s not as bad as ours, but their house sat empty for a while (and before that a man lived in it by himself and didn’t do much yard work) so the yard needs a bit of tlc. Also, if you’ve never had allergies before, try visiting the south in the spring and working outside for hours. It’s bound to bring out the allergies of a midwesterner! Even though we’re only 3 hours from Little Rock, we’re almost 2 zones different, and my nose and throat were definitely feeling it.

I worked on this small garden area on one end of the house (pulling out leaves/weeds and putting down mulch) while my mom and Andrew pruned the two trees on either side of the garage. Here’s the before and after of the area I worked on.

And here’s the tree on the other side of the driveway. Before…

And after…

I love landscaping cause you get such instant results! It’s so fun to be able to see the changes so quickly. And isn’t their house just too cute?! I love it!

After that my mom and the boys worked in the back on the sides of the deck. They’re in the process of building a patio just off the deck, but wanted a solution for the sides. Here’s the before with broken icky lattice…

My parents have an easement behind their house that’s completely closed in by other fences and guess what we found in it? Old picket fencing!

So we got the idea to do this:

There might even be enough to do the other side, too. Then they’re going to finish building a patio in that area (you can see the start of it in the bottom left of the picture) and then stain or paint the deck.

Meanwhile Maddie (my 12 year old sister) and I cleaned up the tree trimmings in the front yard and picked up piles of moss that my dad scraped out of their front yard. Apparently it keeps any grass from growing. Sadly, though, there was so much moss on one side of their yard (cause of all the shade!) that now it looks almost completely bare. The grass that’s left gets so little sun that it constantly looks scalped. But they’re working on it. We filled 14 trash bags with leaves, tree trimmings, and moss.

Here’s my family after church on Sunday in their cute Easter colors.

Aren’t they cute? I love them. 🙂 And here’s my adorable little brother, Marshall (who is actually taller than me!), with their wonderful fluff-bucket, Bridgette. Her and Chaucer look a lot alike, though looking alike does not necessarily mean they get along!

And here’s us, minus Chaucer, who actually did make the trip with us but doesn’t like to be outside.

Us on Easter in Little Rock

I also got to see my little sister ice skate this weekend. She’s only been doing it for about a year, but she’s really good!

All in all it was a really productive, but still really fun weekend! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday!

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  1. Dri April 10, 2012 at 1:24 am #

    I can appreciate Kansas too. Sometimes I kind of miss it and it’s wide open spaces. The trees get a little claustrophobic sometimes.