It’s garage sale season already?!

This past Saturday was our first day of garage saling this year! We got up at 7 am, made coffee (coffee is a must-have for garage sales!) and set off in search of garage sale signs. After that we went to some thrift stores looking for decorative accents for our bathroom. Here’s a quick snapshot of all of the things we bought, but lest ye judge our purchases, let me explain them. Then you can judge. 🙂

So we got those two navy shelves in the picture. They are particle board, but it was only $8 for the pair…way cheaper than you can get equivalent storage solutions anywhere else. Just for reference, the cheapest storage shelf on is $25, it’s only 3 shelves, and it’s a wire rack which is always frustrating cause everything falls through it. We’re going to clean them up, repaint them with some leftover paint, and use them for storage in our garage (which is desperately needed!). Probably to store more paint. 🙂

Our first purchase of the day was a little white chair for $2. I even like the white distressed paint job already, so all we really have to do to it is slap some new fabric on the seat. Easy peasy. Not sure where it’s going to go, but it was a $2 chair!

I saw this super cute basket at one sale obscured slightly by a tabletop ironing board (has anyone EVER had success with those?). As I was walking over to examine it, another lady picked it up! I accidentally muttered “Dang it!” out loud, but I don’t think she heard me. I pretended to look at a VHS tape (think she fell for that one? Probably not…) so I could stay nearby to snatch it up in case she put it down. And she did! Her loss. It was $3.

Yesterday I found Chaucer sleeping in it. He’s always looking for unusal places to sleep…drawers, toilets, etc.

Maine Coon cat sleeping in basket

Then I got two sets of 6 wooden napkin rings from Pier 1. Normally $8 per set, but I got them for $1 per set. One package hasn’t even been opened. Probably because people don’t actually have dinner parties with cloth napkins for 12 people!

I got this little box for like 50 cents…not sure what for, but I loves it. Yep. (the lid isn’t actually lopsided…) For now it’s sitting in our closet collecting extra buttons.

And this black and white patterned fabric. I haven’t measured it, but I know it’s probably at least 3 yards and it was only $5. I don’t sew, but I still love fabric! Maybe for my little white chair?

Andrew and I normally steer clear of flea markets. They’re really time-consuming to get through and stuff is overpriced (to us) as a lot of things are antiques or simply over-valued by their owners. But we decided to stop by one that we’d never been to before, and Andrew spotted this. It’s possibly our favorite purchase of the day.

Wooden Bird Figurine

It’s a wooden crane! We just think it’s so unique, and we love the texture and the colors of the wood. So we will be leaving it au naturel. No spray paint for this little guy. Isn’t he cute? I’m a little embarrassed by the price, $12, but we couldn’t resist, and we know that anywhere else a solid wooden figurine would cost quite a bit more (might seem silly, but look for one online. You’ll see.)

At the flea market I also bought this scalloped white dish. Again, more than garage sale pricing at $6, but still a good deal.

It’s tough to get out of the garage sale price mentality. I often fall into that trap, even at garage sales. “50 cents? I don’t know, seems a little steep. Maybe a quarter…” I always regret it later, I mean really, 50 cents? What was I thinking?! We did work our way up to it, though, going from least expensive to most expensive. Garage sales first, then thrift stores, then flea markets.

And I’m really embarrassed to share this, but we bought a leather horse for $3 at a garage sale. You read that right, a leather horse. It’s over 2′ tall and over 2′ long.

Yeah, it’s weird. Yeah, it’s really big. And yeah, it might be a failure (not sure how to paint leather, but I know it’s a different process to prevent cracking and such) and we might throw it away. But we thought $3 was worth the risk. You think it’s ugly? Well, keen observation!

Just as a reminder, here’s the collective picture of our purchases.

And here’s a list of a few of the other things and their prices:

White metal mirror with shelf: $2 (garage sale)

Antique 1935 Secretary’s Desk Book: $3.50 (flea market)

Cedar birdhouse: $5 (garage sale. A little pricey for a garage sale, but in great condition and we were going to buy one anyway for more money)

Turquoise glass insulator: $.99 (thrift store)

Black and white duck: $5.99 (thrift store. Going to spray paint this white. Yes, we’re wholeheartedly jumping on the animal figurine bandwagon. No judging!)

2 amazing fossils: $13 (garage sale. They had junk, too, but they’re fossil collectors and had a table set up with fossils from everywhere around the globe! Yeah, we’re nerds.)

There were a few other small things, some picture frames, vases, etc. but I won’t bore you with those. Maybe you’re wondering what happened to the bathroom? Well, it’s still in progress. And we’re getting there…ever so slowly. We kind of got burnt out on it and needed a break. Now a certain tree destroying project in our backyard is taking priority, but once we get those trees out we’ll get back on it!

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2 Responses to It’s garage sale season already?!

  1. Lila B April 3, 2012 at 12:03 am #

    I love the wooden figurine! it really does look like you got some good deals. Still not sure on the horse…but yeah, worth the risk.

  2. Arielle April 3, 2012 at 11:13 am #

    Thanks! We love it, too. And I think we did get some good deals. Haha, yeah, we’re not sure on the horse either.