Back from the weekend

We really enjoyed our break last weekend at the marriage conference. Amazing how a weekend of nothing can help you relax and catch back up. We wanted to introduce you to one of the projects we did last summer while we were nervously waiting for our home. Arielle was the one that spotted this beauty at a garage sale. I have got to go on the record as saying I was really convinced this lamp should have been committed to the dump.

Arielle however convinced me that the $1 investment was worth the risk for this lamp. So we brought it back home and picked up some white spray paint from Walmart.  Arielle sprayed it white, and what do you know it looked beautiful. This is only after the first coat.

Unfortunately this story ends sadly as I knocked it over when we were moving everything into our pod and broke it. 🙁 We didn’t get a chance to take any cute pictures since I broke it. But perhaps you can imagine it being the highlight of a shabby chic bedside table.


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