Gone for the weekend

We are off to the Embassy Suites in Rogers, AR this weekend to relax and learn more about marriage. Even though we’ve never taken a real vacation in our nearly 3 years of marriage, we thought this might be a good first step. No we are not on divorce’s doorstep, nor are we particularly unhappy with our relationship (kinda impressive after all the hours we spent together on the bathroom, huh?) but we felt it would be good to spend some time focusing on us. Arielle’s parents got us a deal on the conference since her dad works for Family Life – I guess it pays to know the right people.

When we get back there will be tons to do. There are still 4 massive tree stumps I have to tear out in our back yard (more on that project later), and we have finishing bathroom touches before the big reveal. However, we made a commitment to each other: no talking about the bathroom or anything else house-related this weekend. We’ll see if we can go 48 hours without talking about our favorite topic!

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