Meet our High Maintenance Fridge…

It whines in the middle of the night, it wets itself and needs to be cleaned up, and sometimes it just plain doesn’t work.

It seems like every day at the Toburen household is an adventure. If it keeps up like this until all our major projects are done, my nerves are going to be shot and I might not be around to enjoy my house…I just might end up in a mental institution! Today’s adventure, oddly enough, was not bathroom related! We noticed a few nights ago that our fridge was room temperature. I guess we haven’t talked about our beast of a fridge before so let me introduce you. This is our piece of junk fridge that came with the house. We don’t like it enough to give it a name.

Our piece of junk fridge

We were grateful that the house already had a fridge so we didn’t have to buy one, but this one has been a pain. Since about October the fan in the freezer will randomly start squeaking, and not a quiet high-pitched squeak, either. You can hear it from the opposite side of the house. Actually, I believe my family was in town the first time we heard it make this noise. And since then we’ve heard the noise every couple of weeks. It never stops on its own, so we bang on it until it stops. Sounds effective, right?

Over Thanksgiving (my family was also in town then) we found standing water in the bottom of the fridge and after determining nothing had spilled, pondered where the water could have come from. Since then we’ve had to empty the water out of it every couple of weeks.

This weekend my family was in town again (seeing a trend?) and the noise started and wouldn’t stop when I banged on it. Andrew stopped the noise, and we all went to bed. Basically it wasn’t working since then, but we didn’t realize it until a few days later. So yesterday we took it apart and saw that the opening between the freezer and fridge (through which the fan blows cool air) was blocked by ice AND the fan wasn’t running.


Ice preventing fan from blowing cool air into fridge

So we took everything out and let it defrost. We put our frozen stuff in our cooler and put it outside. Yes, that is a frozen dinner…but it’s been in there for a long time, as in I haven’t eaten it. Gotta defend myself here!!

Also, how do you like what we believe was meant to be a “Razorback Red” deck? All it’s missing is the razorback…which we will not be putting on it.

The rest of it just sat out on our counter, which seemed kind of gross, but logically I know these things don’t have to be in the fridge. (Except for that yogurt, of course.) 

Then as if that weren’t enough, Andrew found some nasty wet pieces of what looked like paper towels in the plastic drain tube. This explains why the water was running down inside our fridge every time the freezer defrosted instead of into the pan under the evaporation coil. (For those of you that don’t know how a refrigerator works, look it up. You might be surprised. It all makes so much sense, and it’s not really as cool as it seemed before.) After I cleaned the whole thing out after work (for an hour!), Andrew put it all back together, plugged it, and it worked!! Hooray!

We have yet to see if water still leaks inside or if ice builds up again, but for now it’s working and we’ve put off buying a new one a little bit longer. Hopefully we can make it until next year when we tackle our kitchen renovation! Yikes, did I just commit to that? Next yearish…how’s that? Makes me feel better. 🙂

Also, methinks we should do some grocery shopping. Condiments, anyone?

We desperately need to go grocery shopping

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