Is synchronized grout sealing a sport?

Well Friday is here, my family is staying at our house tonight, and we finally have a usable shower…Hopefully they’ll forgive us for the disastrous state of the guest bedroom, though. We’ve kept a lot of bathroom stuff in there over the last month and it still hasn’t been put back together.

We didn’t quite make our deadline as technically the toilet isn’t hooked up yet, but at least they will have a usable shower! We sealed the grout in the shower and on the floor a few nights ago using DuPont Grout Sealer from Lowe’s and a foam brush for the floor and paint brushes for the shower.

The foam brush worked perfectly for the floor and went pretty quickly. But a word to the wise, if you have small tiles and lots of them, get the spray sealer! We brushed all of it and it took forever, especially because you have to apply it twice. The benefit of the brush on kind is that we know everything got covered, which we were a little worried about with the spray kind.

We were up until well after midnight sealing, and Andrew apparently gets more talkative when he’s tired (if you can imagine.) He was very slap happy! At least it kept us entertained. We even practiced synchronized sealing. “Brush, and brush, and brush…long stroke…..and wipe.” Not kidding. (You have to wipe off the tiles or the sealer will leave a film on the tiles).

I also practiced my caulking skills and caulked the top and bottom of the trim and all around the shower. It ended up looking pretty good, I think, but I’m no Speedy Gonzales! It took me several hours to do all of it.


At this point I’d only done the top of the trim and not the side or bottom. From my limited experience with caulking, I definitely recommend using your finger and a wet rag instead of the square tool. The tool pushed too much caulk up onto the wall or onto the floor and just seemed to make a bigger mess.

And lookey what we got set up! Not showing pictures of the whole bathroom until it’s closer to being done, but here’s a sneak peak of the vanity (sans drawers). Chaucer loved it. And he was ecstatic about the fact that we were actually letting him be in the bathroom with us for once.

Andrew and I are both glad to have an excuse not to work on the bathroom this weekend. We’re both exhausted and I’ve had a headache off and on for the past 3 days due to the lack of sleep. We are in desperate need of a break. So yay for family time and for families that don’t judge your mess. 🙂

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