Paint covers a multitude of sins?

Wow, we are in the middle of a crazy week. We are trying as hard as we can to finish everything but the sink by Friday when Arielle’s family is gonna be in town, not to mention cleaning our dirty house! Projects get dust and random tools everywhere and we are using every spare minute to get our project done. Today we met with the Granite guy and have all of our choices finalized. We will share what it looks like soon!

We weren’t too sure what the finished product of our textured walls would look like, so we were hesitant to paint. That sort of “this is permanent” feeling is hard to shake! Here is a picture of our walls before paint.

But before we could paint the walls we had to paint the ceiling.

Ceilings are relatively easier to paint than walls since it’s just 1 surface. It does, however, get paint everywhere. Large rollers splatter a lot of paint, so we’ve found smaller rollers helpful for painting our ceilings. We started by using Kilz on a few brown spots from our water accident, and then proceeded to give the ceiling 4 coats between primer and paint. May seem like overkill, but we did 3 in our master and wish we had done another.

We were fairly happy with the finished product, but then again it is just a white flat surface.

Arielle did a fantastic job taping around the shower for our painting job. Being a detail person, she is the designated taper for all of our painting projects!

We actually ended up using a paintbrush and no tape on the ceiling to cut in. Normally we use a paint pad with plastic guides, but it didn’t get washed out well last time and the edges were crispy, so we had to improvise at the last second. It turned out pretty well, but Arielle has informed me she’s going to tape and go back over it once the paint on the ceiling has cured (There’s that detailed personality again). We’re also not 100% sure on the paint color. It’s the Valspar Mint Frost we showed off in the Guest Bathroom Mood Board, but it turned out a bit greener than expected. But, we’re trying to give it a fair chance and wait till the new light fixture is in before we judge it. Here’s a snapshot of the corner. You’ll have to wait until the big reveal to see the whole room painted!

Now with the bathroom all painted, we’re ready to seal the tile. I unfortunately will have to get back under the house to hook up the toilet- not looking forward to that. Hopefully we get to bed tonight before 12:30-1 unlike the last 4 nights.


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