Bathroom Overload!

I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever have a blog post again that’s NOT about our bathroom. I’m thinking not. Besides, once it’s done it will be the only complete room in the house so why would we ever want to talk about anything else?

Saturday was fairly productive, but we still didn’t get to painting the ceiling. We did finish the mudding yesterday, and I wiped down the tile in the shower to prep it for sealing. We read on our sealant that you’re supposed to wait 72 hours for the grout to cure, though, so we couldn’t do that. Since we’re getting so close to needing the vanity, we pulled the huge, incredibly heavy box into our living room to see how it was built and how tall it was going to be. Good thing we did, cause we realized that the outlet in the wall would be too low with the new floors adding a little height, a taller vanity and thicker countertops, plus the backsplash. So up it went! Well, let’s be honest…not all on its own.

The bottom of that hole is where it was before. Andrew positioned it to be a little more even with the switch plate. Hopefully that’s high enough!! For you non-drywallers out there, you have to cut all the way to the studs so you can secure a new piece of drywall, hence why the hole is so big. Though you could also use a patch and therefore not need the hole so big, but Andrew HATES them since they cost the same as a new sheet of drywall.

While he was doing that, I primed one wall of the bathroom (which you can kind of see in the picture above) so then I could paint my sample over it and not be blinded and distracted by the horrible yellow that was there before, or the red that was behind the toilet. Then I painted my sample: Valspar Mint Frost.

The picture above is probably a little more true to the color, though the tile is not that orangey. This picture makes it look a little more yellowy than it is.

And I just had to mention that I love these skinny paint rollers! They’re so much easier for me to maneuver, and you can get closer to corners and the ceilings with them.

On an unrelated note, here’s my paint chip collection. I very quickly organized them into groups of like colors, but I need to cut the ones that are in strips and spend some more time organizing them how I want for my paint chip art.

On Saturday Andrew and I went to the Fayetteville Salvation Army (of the 5 thrift stores near my house they have the best frame selection and organization) and found this 17″ x 22 something” frame.

It was $8 which is a little more than I generally spend on frames, but it is a pretty large frame and comes with two nice mats. I’m going to paint the frame Antique white (which of course we have on hand!). I’ll paint the outer mat the same using my fave, the skinny roller! I also have a very light grey paint that we bought as a mess-up paint from Walmart, and I’m contemplating painting the inner mat that color for added dimension.

We decided (after much persuading from my mom) that we didn’t want anything too small in the bathroom in the art and accents department. Apparently that’s a design thing, small items can make a room look smaller, while a few well placed large items can actually make it feel bigger. Who knows if I’ll do it right, though! Here’s hoping!

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

…Chaucer took a nap in the guest bedroom on top of a pile of picture frames. This room is kind of in a state of disrepair. We stole the lamp from the bedside table for added light in the bathroom, the walls are two different colors (the blue is an accent wall, which we’re not crazy about), and yes, there is mud on the wall. This room is also currently housing our new toilet and the mirror from the bathroom, and the queen sized bed is up against one wall. It isn’t normally. Did I mention my family is staying with us this weekend? I should probably clean.

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  1. john toburen March 15, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

    hey Andrew its looking better but ya wanna hang out sometime?