Guest Bathroom Budget

So let’s talk budget. Andrew and I are two very budget-conscious people, so before we started any work on our bathroom I put together a complete budget for the project. I included everything I could think of from the big purchases like a vanity, toilet & tub to the smallest details like $10 for cement board screws. I call this “attention to detail.” You may prefer “anal retentive.”

Can you tell which home improvement store we prefer?

Our total budget is $5,000 max, though we’d love for it to be less! This includes all purchases, bills for installation of anything we decide we don’t want to do ourselves, repairs of anything we find that needs to be repaired, etc. This is quite scary for two reasons:

1. The average bathroom remodel in the U.S. costs around $15,000 (depending on source ranges from $9,000 to $25,000). Can we do it for so much less? I certainly hope so.
2. To us, even $5,000 feels like a lot of money to spend on a bathroom.

A good amount of this additional cost comes from labor. Since we’re trying to do most of it ourselves, except possibly tiling, we’re hoping to cut down on these costs a lot.

I did my research before creating this budget, but I know there are always things you don’t even know need to be purchased or fixed, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. (I already know I severely underestimated in the plumbing department!!) We’re tracking everything closely, and once we’re done we’ll reveal whether or not we stayed on budget or if the budget went down the drain!

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