Don’t burn the house down!

So on Wednesday we bought a tub and today, thanks to a friend, we got it home. Chaucer is enjoying it already! Well, ok, maybe not enjoying it. He got in it on his own, but then decided he was stuck. 🙁

One of the reasons we chose this tub is because it feels huge! That picture doesn’t really capture how big/deep the tub is unless you know how big Chaucer is. 😉 I had to test it out, too. It’s pretty sweet! Now if only we could do something about those curtains…

The tub is made of this new patented material by Kohler called Vikrell. It’s a plastic material, but much thicker and more durable than polycarbonate or fiberglass. It almost feels like metal. We were super excited to find it because our other options were cheap plastic or porcelain on steel that could chip or rust. We found it at Lowe’s. Home Depot had nothing of the sort. Plus 1 for Lowe’s.

Andrew has been working on the bathtub plumbing all evening. In the process he sent me to Lowe’s twice to get copper pipe things and I’m happy to report that I got the right thing both times! Also, I have to admit I was slightly worried that he might burn the house down.

Once the plumbing is done, we still need to finish sanding the ceiling (the dust is way easier to clean up in an empty room!). Then we’ll install the tub, fix the drywall, install the cement board on the walls around the tub and then we’ll be ready for tile! Woo!

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2 Responses to Don’t burn the house down!

  1. Jennifer Rector February 10, 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    Yeah, you could take a real "soaker" in that tub! Way to go, you guys!

  2. Andrew Toburen February 15, 2012 at 11:21 pm #

    Thanks Jennifer! How is school going?