A sliding barn door saga: Inspiration

One day as I was browsing Pinterest I came across a picture of an interior sliding “barn” door. I fell in love with this idea and thought something like this would be a great feature in our master bedroom between the bedroom and the walk-thru closet. These were my two favorite pictures.

Source: Design Sponge

I started looking around and at first thought the hardware would be simple, but we’d struggle to find a door. Wrong! It turns out the specialty hardware kits for hanging sliding doors cost about $400! I looked and looked online for a cheaper place to buy them, including farm and stable supply websites, but couldn’t find them any cheaper. Local hardware stores don’t carry this type of hardware at all.

I had seen some more industrial looking box rails, but I was skeptical until I came across these pictures.

Source: C Designs

I really like the look of this hardware, too, and I most definitely prefer the price. So yesterday we went to our local Do It Best hardware store and picked up an 8′ box rail along with the hardware needed to hang the track and attach the door. The total for the track and hardware came to $92. Yay! Still not super cheap, but understandable for a bunch of pieces of steel, and I was so glad to be done with my search for the hardware. Now to do the real work and hang the door!

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